We are a motley crew of volunteers trying to build a new playground on Pirate’s Island in the lake at Elk Grove Regional Park. Learn more about our efforts and the history of Pirate’s Island!

You can help transform this barren island into an imagination-inspiring playground.  We are looking for all levels of support during the fundraising phase.

This is a multi-year project that requires not only funding but also the blood, sweat, and tears of volunteers. We’re members of the community working together toward a common goal of making this playground a reality.

Fundraising Programs

Support Pirate's Island Partners at the annual Best of Elk Grove Party!


This is event celebrates local businesses and raises money for Pirate's Island Playground.

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Stake Your Claim! Become a Pirate's Island Land Baron

Donation: $100

A limited number of Land Grants will

be sold on a first-come-first-serve basis.

50 / 435

Purchase a Pirate’s Island Land Grant and become an honorary owner of a 100 square foot section of Pirate’s Island. Each Land Baron will receive a personalized, numbered Land Grant Certificate to Pirate’s Island. Land Grants are framed in rich blue linen folder with gold embossing.